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I have an input stream that is used to produces a stream of characters. For every given character that gets decoded from the stream I would like to know corresponding byte ranges in the original stream (start/end).

Is there a java library that is capable of doing this?

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more details required... –  Sid Malani Nov 14 '11 at 20:04
I think you're looking to find out the start and end offsets from the beginning of a byte stream that delimit a particular character, assuming that you're concerned with multi-byte character encodings like UTF-8. If so, I expect the solution will involve wrapping a CharsetDecoder instance and tracking how much of a ByteBuffer it consumes for each character it's able to decode, and adding that count to a pair of running totals. –  seh Nov 14 '11 at 20:26
@seh: I think you are probably right about the decoder. The trouble is I can not exactly see how decoder is consuming the bytes. I solved it a bit differently. I simply convert my string back to the bytes array and count. In all encoding I checked except for UTF-16 things seem to work fine. Somehow, UTF-16 is a bit stubborn and I did not have much time to figure out yet what's wrong there. But thanks for your hints. –  ash Dec 12 '11 at 19:14

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