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I want XAMPP to be accessible from my internet IP address.

The problem is that the router login page is displayed when I type in my internet IP address. I think it uses port 80.

I have manually set my IP address to

I have changed the default port of Apache from port 80 to port 6065 and port forwarded this port.

It is accessible using the IP address

I have forwarded the ports from 6065-6070 in my router settings. I have confirmed from canyouseeme.org that port 6065 is accessible from my internet IP address.

When I access ( is my internet IP address and port 6065 is of apache) I get an error. This confuses me because my static ip opens up the XAMPP page.

Unable to connect
Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at
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You XAMPP configuration is accessible to the internet via the listed link, so it is working.

Maybe it can't be mapped to your own ip this way?

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