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I have msysgit installed on windows 7, my profile folder contains unicode characters and looks like C:\Users\Андрей

I cannot get ssh working, have this message:

>ssh -T git@github.com
Could not create directory '/c/Users/\200\255\244\340\245\251/.ssh'.

.git/gitconfig have this string:

    quotepath = false

        commitencoding = cp1251
        logoutputencoding = cp1251

This as I see doesn't affect path. Then I patched $HOME in Git/etc/profile: export HOME="/d/Dropbox/My\ Documents/" But it doesn't change anything. I still get Could not create directory for ssh.

It works for ssh with set HOME=/d/Dropbox/My Documents from command line.

But it is only works for ssh -T git@github.com not git push.

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I had a similar though somewhat unrelated problem with unicode characters but this may help you. You may need to set the codepage of your environment. You can try using the chcp command to change the windows console codepage:


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nope, it wasn't useful for ssh and ls >git checkout русский >chcp 1251 >dir русский >ls ??????? >chcp 866 >ls ??????? >chcp 855 >ls ??????? –  amrok Nov 16 '11 at 17:06
>git push -u origin master and the same message: Could not create directory '/c/Users/\200\255\244\340\245\251/.ssh'. –  amrok Nov 16 '11 at 17:09
It's odd (well it's MS so it's not) but that documentation is missing a lot of code pages. Give chcp 65001 a try, it is UTF-8 which is the most universally supported. –  Chris Nicola Nov 16 '11 at 18:17

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