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Mac OSX 10.7.2, XCode 4.1, GHC 7.0.3

I am trying to build GHC 7.2.2 from source. Here is the result of ./configure:

Configure completed successfully.

   Building GHC version  : 7.2.2

   Build platform        : x86_64-apple-darwin
   Host platform         : x86_64-apple-darwin
   Target platform       : x86_64-apple-darwin

   Bootstrapping using   : /usr/bin/ghc
      which is version   : 7.0.3

   Using GCC             : /usr/bin/gcc-4.2
      which is version   : 4.2.1

   ld       : /usr/bin/ld
   Happy    : /usr/bin/happy (1.18.6)
   Alex     : /usr/bin/alex (2.3.5)
   Python   : /opt/local/bin/python
   Perl     : /opt/local/bin/perl
   dblatex  : 
   xsltproc : /usr/bin/xsltproc

   HsColour was not found; documentation will not contain source links

   Building DocBook HTML documentation : NO
   Building DocBook PS documentation   : NO
   Building DocBook PDF documentation  : NO

HsColour was not found. If I run ghc-pkg on my GHC 7.0.3 installation, it shows "hscolour-1.19" installed in the global GHC directory. I would like source links in the documentation, so why is it not seeing hscolour?

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Is HsColour in the PATH (does which find it)? – Daniel Fischer Nov 14 '11 at 21:26
Ah! Correct. The executable is not found. – thoughtadvances Nov 14 '11 at 22:01

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HsColour is a library and executable. It probably looked for the executable while you are talking about the library. Be sure to install the HsColour executable somewhere in the current PATH.

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Yes, this seems to be my mistake. I assumed that cabal install would build and install the executable. Seeing that this is not the case, is there any convenient method of build the executable of HsColour? – thoughtadvances Nov 14 '11 at 22:02
I see now that cabal has indeed built the executable, but simply has not added it to the PATH. I found the executable in /Library/Haskell/ghc-7.0.3/lib/hscolour-1.19/bin – thoughtadvances Nov 14 '11 at 22:09

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