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Does anyone have any experience exporting a PDF to a PPT using the JRPptxExporter in Jasper Reports?

Here is the code that is supposed to do the export:

JRPptxExporter exporter = new JRPptxExporter ();
exporter.setParameter(JEExporterParameter.INPUT_FILE, new File("/path/to/my/pdf.pdf"));
exporter.setParameter(JEExporterParameter.OUTPUT_FILE, new File("/path/to/my/ppt.pptx"));

I can verify that the PDF is viewable using Adobe Acrobat.

No matter how I set the "INPUT" of the exporter I get a "StreamCorruptedException: invalid stream header" Exception.

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You cannot pass a pdf report because that has already passed through an exporter to become a pdf. For all the jasper reports exporters, the input should be a JasperPrint object or its serialised version, a .jrprint file.

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Thanks, I did get that one to work... oh well, i was hoping I could get away with something!!! –  El Guapo Nov 15 '11 at 13:09

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