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Here is the code:

cmbVegas.DisplayMember = "VegasCourseName";
cmbVegas.ValueMember = "CourseMapID";

convertableCourses is a List<VegasPegasusCourseObject>

This is where I am getting the List from:

public List<VegasPegasusCourseObject> GetConvertedCourses()
            using (PanamaDataContext db = new PanamaDataContext())
                IQueryable<VegasPegasusCourseObject> vegasCourses = from cm in db.VegasToPegasusCourseMaps 
                                   join c in db.Courses on cm.VegasCourseID equals c.CourseID
                                   join cp in db.Courses on cm.PegasusCourseID equals cp.CourseID
                                   select new VegasPegasusCourseObject
                                       CourseMapID = cm.VPCMapID,
                                       VegasCourseName = c.CourseName,
                                       VegasCourseID = cm.VegasCourseID,
                                       PegasusCourseID = cm.PegasusCourseID,
                                       PegasusCourseName = cp.CourseName

                return vegasCourses.ToList();

Here is the obj def:

class VegasPegasusCourseObject
        public int CourseMapID;

        public string VegasCourseName;
        public int VegasCourseID;

        public string PegasusCourseName;
        public int PegasusCourseID;

However when I fire this baby up this is all I am getting:

enter image description here

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Is VegasCourseName a property or a field? – Lasse V. Karlsen Nov 14 '11 at 21:41
Ah forgot the def. of that object, added it above. – ioSamurai Nov 14 '11 at 22:01
Did the fact that I asked if it was a property or a field not suggest that that particular fact might be important? – Lasse V. Karlsen Nov 14 '11 at 22:03
See @LasseV.Karlsen comment. It's the answer. – LarsTech Nov 15 '11 at 0:01
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As per the comments above, the issue is due to the fact that "VegasCourseName" has been written as a field, not a property. Therefore, the ToString implementation has been shown instead.

Use a property instead:

class VegasPegasusCourseObject
    public string VegasCourseName { get; set;}
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You have no idea how much I've learned just now. – ioSamurai Nov 15 '11 at 3:13
...and make sure that the property is scope-visible (i.e. public or internal, depending) – downwitch Dec 7 '15 at 17:13

From the docs for DisplayMember:

If the specified property does not exist on the object or the value of DisplayMember is an empty string (""), the results of the object's ToString method are displayed instead.

You do not have a property named "VegasCourseName" in VegasPegasusCourseObject and are getting the ClassName (the default implementation of ToString()) instead.

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Override ToString() method of VegasPegasusCourseObject class

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