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I'm trying to use OpenCV to read/write images for me. Currently, I have them in a different, non-standard format, and I know how to get them into OpenCV's containers. Here are the requirements:

  • The pixels are 1, or 3 bands, U8, U16, U32, or F32
  • The images have metadata, random stuff, like the camera ID that took the images. I would like the metadata to be vi/notepad editable
  • I want to write as little code as possible when it comes to low level stuff. My experience is that this stuff requires the most maintenance.
  • I can define the format. It's only to read and write for these programs.
  • I don't want the pixels to be anything but binary, '0.5873499082' is way too much data for one float.

Is there a way to describe to OpenCV how to read and write image types it doesn't know? Are there image types already available for the types of images I have?

My interim solution is to use boost to serialize the image, and save the metadata in a separate file.

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I missed the question, what is it again? –  karlphillip Dec 16 '11 at 12:44
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Try using gdal library for reading images and then convert it to IplImage.

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