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I want to create an exact copy of a database from one Netezza appliance to another. Short of writing an ODBC program, are there any utilities that I can use to achieve this?

Is it possible to used nzbackup/restore to stream data to stdout/stdin ?

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If you want to stream data between the appliances rather than land a backup file, use nz_migrate.

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Can you provide a link and possibly more details? –  Austin Henley Oct 22 '12 at 0:36

You would need to use a combinatio of the nzbackup and the nzrestore CLI tools. Check the Netezza Database Users Guide. Also :

 which nz_migrate
 locate nz_migrate
 nz_migrate -shost -thost -sdb source_db_name \
 -tdb tg_db_name -tuser user -tpassword secret_pass -format binary \
 -t table1 table2 table3 tablen -genStats Express \
 -CreateTargetTable YES -truncateTargetTable YES
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I would also suggest to drop the tables before truncating them ... –  YordanGeorgiev Apr 30 at 18:24

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