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I'm having trouble using Markdown in Django Nonrel. I followed this instructions (added 'django.contrib.markup' to INSTALLED_APPS, include {% load markup %} in the template and use |markdown filter after installing python-markdown) but I get the following error:

Error in {% markdown %} filter: The Python markdown library isn't installed.

In this line:

/path/to/project/django/contrib/markup/templatetags/markup.py in markdown
    they will be silently ignored.
        import markdown
    except ImportError:
        if settings.DEBUG:
            raise template.TemplateSyntaxError("Error in {% markdown %} filter: The Python markdown library isn't installed.") ...
        return force_unicode(value)
        # markdown.version was first added in 1.6b. The only version of markdown
        # to fully support extensions before 1.6b was the shortlived 1.6a.
        if hasattr(markdown, 'version'):
            extensions = [e for e in arg.split(",") if e]

It seems obvious that import markdown is causing the problem but when I run:

$ python manage.py shell
>>> import elementtree
>>> import markdown

everthing works alright.

Running Markdown 2.0.3, Python 2.7 and latest version of Django Nonrel.

UPDATE: I installed textile and it doesn't work. It produces the same error.

UPDATE 2: This is an issue related with Django Nonrel. I took an older Django project (1.3.1), and works as expected.



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Alright, newbie mistake.

Turns out that Django Nonrel couldn't find markdown because for some reason, it wasn't installed in a python path it was looking for. In this case, markdown was installed in /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7 instead of /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/ or some other usual place. So I copied the markdown folder to a place listed by python path, and the error went away.

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