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I want to parse a large text file so that it breaks into a new line at 140 characters... or the character limit on one tweet. Does anyone have any ideas?


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What language would you be interested in using? – zrvan Nov 14 '11 at 22:40
@zrvan most likely PHP since I'm trying to eventually run the script as a cron job – stursby Nov 14 '11 at 22:47
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If you don't care about where the split occurs (it could be in the middle of a word, or the like):

define ('TWEET_SIZE', 140);
$parts = str_split ($data, TWEET_SIZE);
$new = implode ("\n", $parts);

UPDATE Something like this:

define ('TWEET_SIZE', 140); // set the size of each segment
$data = file_get_contents ('<path to file>'); // load the data from file
$parts = str_split ($data, TWEET_SIZE); // split the data
$new = implode ("\n", $parts); // put it back together with newlines
file_put_contents ('<path to new file>', $data); // put in new file (if needed)
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any way I could implement this from an external file? also, cutting off exactly at 140 isn't ideal, as I would rather have it cut off at 140 minus the last full word (so if the last word goes over 140 characters, make that part of the next tweet) – stursby Nov 14 '11 at 23:01
ArrayList tweetList = new ArrayList();

while(string.length > 0)
     if(string.length > 139)
          tweetList.add(string.substring(0, 139);
          string = string.substring(140,string.length - 1);
         tweetList.add(string.substring(0, string.length - 1);
         string = "";
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Much shorter: :)

String[] tweets = yourLongString.split("(?<=\\G.{140})");

Ooops, didn't read the php constraint. This is Java.

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