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Can somebody please explain to me what does the Instrumentation term stands for in the context of software development?

Is like an abstract concept for describing software components or dependencies? or even maybe artifacts like in uml? I´ve seen it also when talking about orchestration languages like BPEL in a SOA architecture. I hope someone can please help me clarify this concept.

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Hmmm, is wikipedia not complete on this topic?

Do you have a specific question regarding this topic?

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Instrumentation basically means that you modify the code in order to infer some information about it. For example, if you want to test the performance of some code then you put your calls to your StopWatch-method before and after every statement you want to profile (it is called "profiling by instrumentation").

Many debuggers allow you to get through your code line by line, by adding the returning statement dynamically and removing it upon entering the debugger -- that's another example of instrumentation.

And, of course, refer to Wikipedia if you need a thoughtful explanation:

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