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Does anyone know of any publicly available RESTful services that can be used for testing. I'm not talking about software or browsers extensions. Just an online service that I can CRUD json data with using javascript. I'm testing a JS library's rest api and there's only so much I can do with static json data.

I'm guessing there's no such thing due to what's involved but I thought I would ask.

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if you just want to practice 'gets' you can use cloudant as you can sign up for free. however, there are restrictions on adding new documents from a cross domain ajax call. I recommend running one locally. I use couchDB very quick, very easy.

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I forgot about couchDB. I'll use that. Thanks very much – screenm0nkey Nov 15 '11 at 8:51
@DefyGravity can you please provide more details about couchDB ? Any sample API requests / code which demostrate usage of fitnesse as well ? – Pareshkumar Apr 6 at 4:50

You can use the google feed api and pass in any rss url to test .

This may help you.

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