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In my app the GPS takes too much time to get the location.

How can I use GPS from GPS_SATELLITES and GPS _NETWORK_PROVIDERS simultaneously in the same context and get the value of the recent GPS?

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Keep track of a Location object that is your current location. Request location updates from both


            LOCATION_UPDATE_MIN_DISTANCE, networkListener);

then when you get a response in onLocationChanged of either listener, either simply replace the Location variable you stored or replace it only if it is X seconds more recent, X% more accurate, X meters distant from your last reading, etc.

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You can also use LocationManager.getAllProviders(), then call LocationManager.getLastKnownLocation(provider) to retrieve the last location each available provider found the last time it was called. This way, if another app used the GPS a minute ago, you can just go ahead and trust that they user hasn't made it that far away without hunting for satellites all over again.

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