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I have my application installed on the user's machine(both windows and mac users). Now the user also goes to my web site for certain other things. I want to provide a link in the web site which says "Launch my app". When he clicks on the link, it should launch my application, which has been installed on his system. I was thinking of going the Active X route but it is not recommended + have to use another approach for Mac. The other option was some how get a file association with my application and make it work. Is there any other option ?

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You could register your application for special URL schemas, like mygreatapp://open. In the same way that an ftp://... link opens the default FTP app and a mailto://... link opens the default email application, you can register your own app for any custom [myuniqueschemahere]:// schema.

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Register your app as a "helper" app for browsers as part of the installer process.

So if you have a link on your website with a URL like "prashant://thisfineapp", clicking on it launches your application.

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