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I'm playing around with jQuery Mobile and ran into some (for me) strange behavior.

I have a bunch of links each pointing to the same jQM page, #otherpage, but with different values for the URL query string, like #otherpage?q=foo, #otherpage?q=bar, and so on. The change to the other page works fine but the query string sticks between clicks, so if I first click the link to #otherpage?q=foo, and then goes back to the first page, all subsequent page changes to #otherpage will have q=foo, no matter what the currently clicked link's href says.

jsFiddle didn't seem to have support for jQM so I put an example here:

I've tried this in Chrome and Safari on Mac.

I use the query string to pass simple data between pages since I have other code hooked into the pagechange events, that is more or less unaware of what earlier code might have done. If I can't get this working I'll have to find another way to pass data around... :P



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I know this is an old issue but if you're still having issues, I recently created a plug-in which might help you out. – Cameron Askew Apr 4 '14 at 21:56

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I've looked up for this issue because it seems a little bit weird indeed. There is a open issue about this:

Atm jQuery Mobile doesn't recommend using query parameters:

We don't currently support query parameters as part of the hash fragment, though this is something that's been discussed frequently internally and is on the feature request list.

They advise to use a plugin like:

However, there is a workaround since the data-url of the active page in the DOM DOES change, you can retrieve this with $(".ui-page-active").attr("data-url"); I've tested this on your website and it gave me all 3 uniques URLs

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Thanks for taking the time to dig that out for me! I'll give "data-url" a try. – cpak Nov 15 '11 at 6:29

Disabling jQm seems to be the easiest solution for updating the url parameters correctly in the browser. E.g. adding data-ajax="false" in the link anchor and not using $.mobile.changePage.

<a href="#page?id=1" data-ajax="false">

In a dynamic app modify the value of href beforehand.

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jQuery Mobile by default does not allow passing query-string parameters to internally linked pages. Check-out the very bottom of this documentation page (the second bullet from the bottom of the page):

jQuery Mobile does not support query parameter passing to internal/embedded pages but there are two plugins that you can add to your project to support this feature. There is a lightweight page params plugin and a more fully featured jQuery Mobile router plugin for use with backbone.js or spine.js.

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Oh I missed that part of the docs. Thanks! – cpak Nov 15 '11 at 6:30

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