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The current issue I'm facing is this.

I have a directory as such webroot:banners/users/

The directory contains user images named as such:

(where "136" equals a users ID and the remaining numbers are a timestamp)

So for instance if we had these stored in our directory:


Is there a way of easily searching for a file in our directory (using PHP) that begins with a specified user id?

For instance, if we wanted to find the user image for $userid (136 for instance) could we do something the equivalent of:

    $filename = filefind("banners/users/$userid*.jpg");

Which would search for jpegs starting with "136" and return the filename (in this case - 136-20111115001231.jpg).

I had a look at some PHP filesystem references but I'm sure I keep overlooking the function that would do this.

Any help you could give would be brilliant!

My guess is that this is an easy one :)

Cheers, Al

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You're looking for glob().

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So I was! Thank you very much, but with a name like glob() no wonder I missed it! :) –  flexage Nov 15 '11 at 0:52

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