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I Have created a bar chart in .xls 2007 but the data lables can not be resized. Whe you go to the "format Data Lables" and then click on alignment the Autofit and Internal Margin option is grayed out. Anyone know why?

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Here's a trick that worked for me:

My problem was: I added more text to the axis title and it was too long for it's original shape so some text went into second line.

My solution: I type the complete text somewhere else, copy the text, double click on the axis title and delete the original text -- the cursor would still be there -- now insert the copied text. Done! They are all in one line!

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Short version: It is greyed out for chart text, because it the option doesn’t apply.

Long version: This is because on a chart, chart text do need to use margins, rather you can you can just move the text., and set its X and Y position. For example take the Chart Title, if you want more space to the left, just click and drag the title to the right. If you want the chart title to be bigger you just set a larger font, you have complete control over the title, as well as all other text on that chart, axis titles, legends, data labels, etc.

Internal margins are meant to be used when you don’t have complete control take for example text in a shape. If you insert a shape in your workbook, and add text to it, you cannot just pick the text up and move it to the right if you want more space on the left, so you can set the margin.

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Same problem here, with the autofit box checked and it's grayed out so I can't uncheck it. Infuriating!

The only workaround I could come up with was to manually insert a textbox into the bar chart and type in the label myself. Annoying and labor-intensive, but it works.

I do hope Microsoft fixes this stupid STUPID issue!!

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Providing some example code would make this a better answer. –  Sid Holland Dec 16 '12 at 22:07
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