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I am using python2.5. I need to import a module dynamically and then reload on change. How do I achieve this.

I tried as in below example - does not work:

import imp
modfile = ''
modname = 'mymod'
modhandle = imp.load_source (modname, modfile)
reload (modhandle)

Static import and reload works (I am not looking for this):

import mymod_info as mymod
reload (mymod)

Thanks in advance

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The load_source documentation is clear about initializing of already initialized module. Had missed the trivial aspect :( – Gns Nov 15 '11 at 3:44
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If the module was already initialized, imp.load_source will initialize the module again. So instead of reload, just call

modhandle = imp.load_source(modname, modfile)
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If this is for speeding up development without needing to restart interpreter a lot, you could use ipython magic for autoreload .. check %autoreload? for help

import ipy_autoreload
%autoreload 2
%aimport your_module

But warning this is scheduled to be removed in ipython (I guess it was buggy).

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