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One of my apps hasn't seen any content updates in a very long time. The monthly actives have hovered at just over 4000 for several months. However, since the last week of October, it's been on a very steady and steep climb, now at over 8.5k monthly actives. The weekly actives jumped from 2.1k to 4.8k on Nov. 1st, and then declined to 3.2k this week. The daily actives saw a bit of wobbling up and down, but not as dramatic of a change.

The last thing we rolled out were the mandated changes to oauth 2.0 and such, by the beginning of October. Could that be responsible somehow? Why would my stats do that without any new content to explain it? Has this happened to anyone else? Maybe it's a tracking error with the new oauth changes.

For reference, this happened slightly to my other big app, but not as dramatically.

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maybe you have an awesome app and it took time to catch on ;) – Lix Nov 15 '11 at 9:10
@Lix I wish, it's 2.5 years old. – Tesserex Nov 15 '11 at 13:46

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