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Where in rails + devise can I set a var in the controller like so:

@content_for_title = 'Sign In'

@content_for_title = 'Sign Up'

Which would then be set in my layout file:

<title><%= page_title %></title>

Is there a way to take control of:

Devise::SessionsController#new controller to just set that var?


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Other than just adding a

     <title>Mysite | Mysite is so great and here is where you sign in!</title> 

In the view, I believe you can partially override the sessions controller to add a @title instance:

     SessionsTitlesController::SessionsController < Devise::SessionsController 

     def new
        @title = "Mysite is so great and here is where you sign in!"


Then change your routes:

     devise_for :users, :controllers => { :sessions => "sessionstitles" }

Just in case you haven't created Devise views yet, you execute this to generate views:

     rails generate devise:views

Also, to get the above code to work you'll need to have a title helper in your application_controller along this sort of lines:

     def title
      base_title = "My site"
        return base_title if @title.nil?
        return "#{@title} | #{base_title}
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