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I currently have a model for team.rb and user.rb, which is a many to many relationship. I have created the join table teams_users but I am not sure how to populate this table in my seeds.rb?

For example, I have :

user = User.create({ first_name: 'Kamil', last_name: 'Bo', email: 'bo@gmail.com'})
team = Team.create([{ name: 'Spot Forwards', num_of_games: 10, day_of_play: 4}])

But the following does not work???

TeamsUsers.create({ team_id: team.id, user_id: user.id })

I get a message :

uninitialized constant TeamsUsers
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This isn't optimized but

user.team_ids = user.team_ids < team.id

or if this is the first team

user.team_ids = [team.id]

ALso start using has_many :through. then you will have a TeamUser model. it's a life saver if the join table needs more attributes

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Would I put a has_many :through on both the team and the user? –  Kamilski81 Nov 15 '11 at 16:40

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