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I have a table called Courses with two columns dept_code and course_code that are both strings.

I am writing my specs and I want to call the following module so I can use the valid_course_attributes method to assign attributes to @course.

module CoursesSpecHelper

  def valid_course_attributes
     :dept_code => 'HIST',
     :course_code => '1010'


The module is called as such:

describe Courses do
  require CoursesSpecHelper

  before(:each) do
    @course = Courses.new

  it "should require dept_code" do
    @course.attributes = valid_course_attributes.except(:dept_code)
    @course.should have(1).error_on(:dept_code)


When I run my examples, I keep getting the following error:

TypeError: can't convert Module into String

I have tried a couple of variations, but I cannot figure out what this problem means.

Thanks so much!

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I think you want

include CoursesSpecHelper
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wow. that was dumb! thanks so much, this fixed the problem. –  Philip V Nov 15 '11 at 3:55

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