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I'm looking to learn Ruby on Rails. I would like a development environment that doesn't install live on my laptop, I would like a self-contained install similar to what MAMP is for PHP. Is there such a thing?

I'm not looking to cram Ruby on Rails into MAMP, I don't much like mucking with the terminal nowdays. I'm looking for a nice and easy to use, download and play with Ruby on Rails in a self contained system.

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take a look at homebrew if you are using a mac. If you are on windows life will be difficult unfortunately. You can try out http://railsinstaller.org/

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One of these preconfigured VMs should be what you're looking for:

And a great benifit of a VM is that you can easily move it over to another system, or even use it in a production scenario. Also, they are of course OS agnostic.

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