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Select * from MyTable gives the following result

AttributeID                          AttributeName
------------------------------------ ------------------------
6B93119B-263B-4FED-AA89-198D26A3A3C4 DOB
E27DBA94-F387-460A-BC02-84878692BDF6 Sex
ABF3B85C-0DEA-44FE-857A-AC63520F7294 History

Now I want to generate a dynamic query in the following format (to be used with PIVOT)

  [6B93119B-263B-4FED-AA89-198D26A3A3C4] DOB,

  [E27DBA94-F387-460A-BC02-84878692BDF6] Sex,

  [ABF3B85C-0DEA-44FE-857A-AC63520F7294] History

How can I do it in SQL Server 2008?

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SET @query = 'SELECT '

SELECT @query = @query + '[' + CONVERT(NVARCHAR(50),AttributeID) + '] ' + AttributeName + ',' 
FROM MyTable

PRINT @query
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The following produces the desired result for me:


SET @Query = 'SELECT ';

WITH Data AS (
    SELECT '6B93119B-263B-4FED-AA89-198D26A3A3C4' AS AttributeID, 'DOB' AS AttributeName


    SELECT 'E27DBA94-F387-460A-BC02-84878692BDF6', 'Sex'


    SELECT 'ABF3B85C-0DEA-44FE-857A-AC63520F7294', 'History'
SELECT @Query = @Query + '''' + AttributeID + ''' ' + AttributeName + ', '

SET @Query = SUBSTRING(@Query, 1, LEN(@Query) - 1);


Edit: Just to be clear, the section of SQL in the above sample beginning "WITH Data AS (" and ending at the close bracket (")") is just there as sample data. You can omit it entirely, so the sample becomes:


SET @Query = 'SELECT ';

SELECT @Query = @Query + '''' + AttributeID + ''' ' + AttributeName + ', '
FROM MyTable

SET @Query = SUBSTRING(@Query, 1, LEN(@Query) - 1);

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@Looks nice. But I can not assure that the number of rows in MyTable. Some times there may be 'Sex' in the table and sometimes may not. – Rauf Nov 15 '11 at 4:41
The above code works no matter how many rows are in the Data table (which is the equivalent of your MyTable). The only case where it won't work is if there are zero rows. – srgerg Nov 15 '11 at 4:45
No. My question is I can not hard code SELECT 'E27DBA94-F387-460A-BC02-84878692BDF6', 'Sex' – Rauf Nov 15 '11 at 4:51
As you seem to have noticed in your answer below, the code works even if you omit the section from "WITH Data AS (" down to the close bracket ")". This section was there only as a sample, to allow the code to work without having the actual MyTable table (which I don't have on my system). – srgerg Nov 15 '11 at 5:05

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