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Please take a look at this very short example

It's a subset of a real webpage and its CSS, where the user says that thet the drop down list box text is of a different font to the rest of the text on the page.

Looking at the code, the fonts are the same, but looking at it visualy, I see what he means. The default text of the list box seems larger - but if we click to see the list then the text of the list items seems smaller.

Is this a browser rendering issue or is there a CSS selector which I forogot about for that deault entry of the drop down list box?

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You need to set class attribute of <select/> tag.

<select name="ComboBox1" class="TComboBox">

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+1 and the answer. Yay!! This all started when I was very new to CSS and wasn't sure whether to put the classs on the DIV or on the control (still amn't too clear, actually ... ) – Mawg Nov 15 '11 at 6:12

just put this,

fieldset,  legend, .input_text, .input_integer, .input_float, .input_mandatory,  .input_invalid, .input_warning, .TLabel, .TCheckBox, .TListBox,  .TComboBox, .TPanel, .TGroupBox, .TRadioGroup, .TextEditBox,  .TDatePicker, .datePicker, .TDatePicker_container,  .datePicker_container, .radio_button, .select, .select_option {
    font: 10px Arial;
    margin: 0;
    padding: 0;
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