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I'm in early stage of developing corporate web application and need a visual data view/edit tool from users standpoint, i.e. something like:

  • phpMyAdmin but with domain-oriented forms generated from metadata.
  • Doctrine 2 for forms - generate them by database schema, fill in field properties not found in DB like validators, error messages etc, and subclass only the things with specific behavior.

The language selected is PHP due to job market, framework - Zend, due to published books count and job market.

Tested so far:

  • phpMyAdmin - reject for coding style, procedural and "action-file"
  • phpMyEdit - reject for creating "action-file" web applications, no MVC
  • Yii framework - reject for being unaware of foreign keys "out of the box", generated admin pages w/ text fields where parent table selection must be
  • easyphpapp - reject, could not quickly find what i demand in examples.
  • zendscaffolding - partially useful, needs controllers and models in PHP, renders forms from arrays.

Now i'm in the process of writing this tool myself, just want to make sure i'm not reinventing the wheel.

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I doubt there's a tool like this, while you can infer a lot of a database's functionality by looking at its field types, constraints (foreign keys, check constraints, etc) and so on, only a human being has the intelligence to look at a given database and figure out what it actually means. If such a tool did exist it might put a lot of us out of a job :) –  GordonM Nov 15 '11 at 8:09
But this tool is so desirable, it should be created many times over, but not open-sourced due to corporate reasons. I just created tables w/ metadata about tables, columns, form field types and keep stuffing them with columns like is_in_list, acl_resource, is_tree etc., in parallel adding fields to Zend forms. But what if i waste time only to find wide accepted solution by the time i complete my reinvented wheel ? What if i chose bad strategy (DB metadata/HTML forms), and the right is, say, YAML + text editor, or docblock annotations ? –  user1046885 Nov 15 '11 at 10:36
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* phppeanuts - all forum messaages 2004-2010 in one PgDn, 2011 one message, * phpgen - 2004-2006 RIP, * phplens - news 2003-2005, one by Jan 2010, * Radria - forum 2008-Jan2010, total 49 topics, * PfP Studio - 2005-2007, 2 versions. Don't want to downvote, maybe some of them are worth taking apart for ideas (if extra noted what particular cool ideas they may contain), but cleanly NOT usable as is. –  user1046885 Nov 17 '11 at 5:02
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