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Having Problem sending images through php mail function.

I have used tiny MCE as a text editor for mail body and pasted some images into the body and some text.

All content with images are displayed as posted data but when I passed it to mail() function only the text is sent to the mail address.

I have set the mime version and also content type to text/HTML in header. I don't get what is the actual problem with sending images as content to mail body.

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Please check the image path you have in your Editor Image path should be something like


if it is like


It won't work in emails. try to provide complete image location.


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ok will check but I copied the image from the disk and pasted it body having tinyMce editor. so as I think tiny editor creates some different path of image as data. if i have to resolve is there any other way ??? for tiny editor ?? Thanks a ton – Milan Pattani - Magento Leader Nov 15 '11 at 6:21
Thats not the way buddy. Try to insert an Image in your editor Not just copy & paste. and also follow this post May help you for sure. – pinaldesai Nov 15 '11 at 6:25

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