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I added a cron job recently, but made a mistake in the path while giving the command and hence, the job never succeeded. Is there some way to test the cron changes we have done?

Please note that I had indeed copied and pasted the command from my command line and it was just an stray keypress that caused this.

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When I want to test my cron jobs I usually set the interval very low and monitor the logs closely. When I am convinced the entry is correct, I set the interval back to a sane value.

For example, run job every two minutes:

*/2 * * * * echo "Hello World"

And the I run tail -f on my log file (/var/log/syslogon debian).

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That's what I do as well, except with one minute... but I wish there were a way to just ask crontab to run it with a command, so that one wouldn't have to always wait for up to a minute until crontab executes the command, just to see if it's going to run. –  Teekin Jan 31 at 18:42
The closest you'll get is by running /bin/sh. Then again, you shouldn't run complex commands directly from cron. Use an external script instead! –  Martin Olsen Feb 21 at 21:37
Exactly, so when the /bin/sh run works but not the cron job, it gets quite frustrating debugging it, even if it's just the waiting of 40-50 seconds to see if it works next time. –  Teekin Feb 22 at 21:32

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