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I have a variable in backing bean that needs to get reset to null whenever the associated page is opened using the relevant menu link. Is there a way to run a initialization code in the backing bean whenever the relevant menu link is clicked? Contsructor runs only the first time the menu link is clicked. I guess the bean is then retained in the jsf context and is not getting recreated. Is there a way to ensure a new object of that backing bean is created each time the menu link is clicked? Thanks!

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Couldn't you just put the bean in request scope?

Another option would be to use a setpropertyactionlistener on the menu. When the menu is clicked, set the value to "null".

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You have the following options:

1 . Change the bean to the request-scoped bean

2 . Use the action attribute to call the method on the backing bean to run the initialization code whenever the link is clicked , something like this:

 <h:commandLink action="#{myBean.init}" value="My Link" />

And myBean.init() contains the initialization code

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Thanks for your responses. I tried changing it into "request" scope but some of the validation messages are not getting displayed (need to see why). Apart from that when I used action="#{managedbean.init}" , it is throwing up "viewexpired" exception and showing up a different link in address bar if I click on the relevant menu item first time the page loads. When i click on some other menu item and click this link then it opens up properly. – Punter Vicky Nov 15 '11 at 20:55

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