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In my sites admin panel there is a option to upload images of different width and heights. I need to show those images in my home page with a fixed width of '176' and height of '100' .I set width and height as this in my home page:

<img src="<?php echo base_url()?>affliateimages/<?php echo $randimagep2->varaffimage ?>" width='176' height='100' />

But the problem is that when i upload a image of large/small width and height it shown as distorted in my home page. How can I resize image as propotion wise using php?

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and please accept one of the following answers, so it can be helpful for others :) – OptimusCrime Nov 15 '11 at 9:46
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I have made most of my scripts based on this simple class: here

Should do it.

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have a look a example #2 it shows Resampling an image proportionally

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function resizeImg($imgsrc ,$maxW='*', $maxH='*', $allowScaleUp=0,$returnHTML="alt='image'")
  if(($oW>$maxW && $maxW!='*') || ($oH>$maxH && $maxH!='*') || $allowScaleUp){//if resize is needed:
   if($maxW && $maxH=='*'){ //constrain by width:
   }else if($maxH && $maxW=='*'){ //constrain by height:
   }else if(!$maxW && $maxH){ //constrain by smallest side:
    return($oW>$oH ? resizeImg($imgsrc, '*', $maxH, $allowScaleUp, $returnHTML) : resizeImg($imgsrc, $maxW, '*', $allowScaleUp, $returnHTML));
   }else if($maxW && !$maxH){ //constrain by largest side:
    return($oW>$oH ? resizeImg($imgsrc, $maxW, '*', $allowScaleUp, $returnHTML) : resizeImg($imgsrc, '*', $maxH, $allowScaleUp, $returnHTML));
    return($maxW>$maxH ? resizeImg($imgsrc, '*', $maxH, $allowScaleUp, $returnHTML) : resizeImg($imgsrc, $maxW, '*', $allowScaleUp, $returnHTML));
  //echo "orig: ".$oW."x:".$oH."<br />max: ".$maxW."x".$maxH."<br />new: ".$w."x".$h."<br />"; //debug
  $w=round($w); $h=round($h);
  return array(0=>$w,1=>$h,"width"=>$w,"height"=>$h);
 }else{//file does not exist or is not an image:
  return false;

//usage $hwarr=resizeImg("imagepath",176,100);

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where do getimagesize come from ? – danielad Feb 3 at 8:03
@danielad its GD library function. – jit Feb 3 at 10:44

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