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I'm toying with the idea of embarking on a cloud-based client/server spare-time project using .NET, SQL Server and a client in Silverlight with google protobuffers as a serialization layer in order to learn more about these technologies. I have plenty of client/server experience but so far have not developed a scalable server application to deploy seamlessly in 'the cloud'

I know this question is short (and perhaps vague) but I would appreciate any pointers to resources of how to develop for scalability in .NET/Silverlight, specifically what caveats I should be aware of from the outset and how to test the scalability of my application.

Many thanks,

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I saw Mike Benovich at a conference and he gave a Win 7 phone Azure talk that had a lot of code. I couldn't find info on his page , but found a link of a video. He was very open to being contacted and talked about having times where he would be available to answer questions about Azure.

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Thanks that's interesting info. I actually need to run an AMQP message broker in this app. I read that RabbitMQ supports Amazon EC2 but not sure about Azure. Still these are the sorts of questions that could be directed at the Azure team themselves. Cheers! – Dr. ABT Nov 21 '11 at 15:54

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