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The php documentation said libxml is required for php soap (see php soap).

I don't how to "pass in" --enable-libxml.

Can someone help me? Thanks.

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This extension requires the libxml PHP extension. This means that passing in --enable-libxml is also required, although this is implicitly accomplished because libxml is enabled by default. –  Mob Nov 15 '11 at 7:34

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You'll have to recompile the php source with the option --enable-libxml.

Note that by default libxml is enabled in any php installation unless explicitly disabled by adding --disable-libxml during compilation, are you sure libxml isn't enabled? Check phpinfo() output to be sure.

You'll probably find valuable info in the libxml book at php.net too, especially the Installing/Configuration chapter.

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It is talking about when you configure php before you install it ...

cd /path/to/php
./configure --enable-libxml

You can also use yum or aptutide (apt-get) to install soap if you've installed php via one of those two ways.

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