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What level of technical design documentation is good enough to get started with actual coding ?

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Its all depends on the Company standards , Client requirement and Software Development Life Cycle methodology follows.

Generally for starting a project the following phases to be covered:

  • Requirement Gathering
  • Software Requirement Specification (SRS)
  • High Level Design Document
    • Use Case Diagrams , Sequence Diagram , Architecture
    • Database Design
    • Pseudo code[Algorithm]

Once the development team clear about the above said phases they can able to start with coding but its all depends as mentioned in above criteria.

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That's entirely dependent on how well the programmer knows the requirements and the systems he's working with. A small enhancement to a piece of software I know well doesn't need a design document at all; a new piece of software in an unfamiliar environment, solving an unfamiliar problem, might need a highly detailed design document.

It also depends on how experienced the coder is.

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Lots of factors come into play. One is that it depends on the client. Sometimes a completely technical design is required before you touch a line of code, and other times you won't produce anything but a brief overview.

It's also worth considering which areas of the system are subject to technical design. Some components are so trivial and well understood you won't need to think about them, but others might be new or complex. Focus your technical design on those areas that are unknown up front.

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