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Any idea why firefox acts so weird with this code? It works perfect in IE & Chrome.

<LEGEND>Basistaal </LEGEND>
<LABEL class=alg_kantoor_taal for=alg_kantoor_taal>
<INPUT id=alg_kantoor_taal value=NL type=radio name=alg_kantoor_taal .>

<LABEL class=alg_kantoor_taal for=alg_kantoor_taal>
<INPUT id=alg_kantoor_taal value=FR type=radio name=alg_kantoor_taal .>FR</LABEL>

I have seen another question where firefox behaved strange because there was a block element inside the label. That is not the case here. I would have like to keep this structure since my css is based up this html... Guess i will have to change it to get it working in FF?

edit-> fiddle here : you can see in firefox the radiobuttons just don't work as they should.

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Try with the right syntax. –  MatTheCat Nov 15 '11 at 8:41

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I'll save you the trouble and fix the HTML for you:

<INPUT id="alg_kantoor_taal-nl" value="NL" type="radio" name="alg_kantoor_taal" />
<LABEL class="alg_kantoor_taal" for="alg_kantoor_taal">NL</LABEL>

<INPUT id="alg_kantoor_taal-fr" value="FR" type="radio" name="alg_kantoor_taal" />
<LABEL class="alg_kantoor_taal" for="alg_kantoor_taal">FR</LABEL>

An element are built up with a opening and closing tag, or a single tag.

Double tag: <tagname>content</tagname>

Single tag: <tagname />

Also, an attribute should be surrounded with quotes: <tagname attribute="value" />

Please note that an element id should be unique at all times. You can't have 2 elements with the same id.

In fact, this should fix most of your problems. But please, for the love of god, learn how to use HTML properly first.

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Removing the id solved the problem. Creating 2 radiobuttons in pure html it's easy to follow the perfect syntax. When you build a form with more then 75 input elements dynamically it's not always easy to follow the rules perfectly. Thanks for your input. –  logistef Nov 15 '11 at 10:14
My apologies for my rudeness, it was uncalled for. So after all, the problem were the id's? Well, glad to help! Again, my apologies. –  Tim S. Nov 15 '11 at 10:25

All elements on a page should have a unique id. Both of the lables reference the second input. You should give each input a unique id and change the for attribute of the label to reference the new id. Or you could remove the id and for attributes and it would work how you expect.

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Move the input tags out of the labels.

<INPUT id="alg_kantoor_taal1" value="NL" type="radio" name="alg_kantoor_taal" />
<LABEL class="alg_kantoor_taal" for="alg_kantoor_taal1">NL</LABEL>

<INPUT id="alg_kantoor_taal2" value="FR" type="radio" name="alg_kantoor_taal" />
<LABEL class="alg_kantoor_taal" for="alg_kantoor_taal2">FR</LABEL>

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