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I know dradis is a wonderful tool, but I've been looking for something that would run on a LAMP type set up, that is, without me having to install ruby and all those libraries. I haven't found a whole lot of alternatives, so my question is what are some good alternatives to Dradis? In particular alternatives using PHP.

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(I know it's a late response, but for the those arriving from Google) (Disclaimer: I'm the creator of Dradis and founder of Security Roots)

Sorry, but I'm not aware of any PHP alternatives. However, we have some guides that describe easy integration with Apache:

Dradis on Apache

In addition, the script as described in Installing Dradis on Ubuntu takes care of all the dependencies for you.

Dradis also ships with BackTrack (under /pentest/misc), no installation required.

Finally, you could checkout Dradis Pro which is a virtual appliance, no installation required.



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