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I am using the Google QR-Code API to create a QR-Code that includes a URL. This is the URL I am using:

What I want in the QR-Code is:

What I get is:

So its cutting at the "&". Any ideas how to solve that?

Thanks :-)

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You have to escape for your URL part before parsing into chl parameter.

A simple way would be replacing & with %26 for your url portion.

Try this instead:

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You need to URL encode the value of the chl parameter. Otherwise the & in that embedded URL will be interpretted as a delimiter for the parameters in the querystring of the outer URL.

If you are using Javascript you can use encodeURIComponent('') to do the encoding.

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Thanks, and how? – grady Nov 15 '11 at 9:07

Solved this, the solution was to use the following code:

Server.UrlEncode(string url)

Now it works perfectly :).

Thanks, encoding was what made it click for me :).

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