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In EF 4.0, if I understand it right, there are two type of values in Entity : current values and original values.
We can set original values by calling ApplyOriginalValues(TEntity) method but how to get original values ?

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You can access them through ObjectStateEntry

var originalValues = context
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originalValues is DbDataRecord type. How to convert it to entity type ? –  JatSing Nov 15 '11 at 10:19
@Sun it does not have entity types. You need to cast the values to appropriate type. eg var name = (string)originalValues["Name"]; –  Eranga Nov 15 '11 at 10:36

@Eranga answer is outdated for EF 5. For some reason, EF 5 doesn't work fine when getting original values using an statement like this:

var originalValues = context.Entry(myEntity).OriginalValues;

My working solution uses AsNoTracking() method from DbSet, like the example below:

var originalEntity = context.MyEntities.AsNoTracking().Where(me => me.MyEntityID == myEntity.MyEntityID).FirstOrDefault();
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AsNoTracking() better performance as well - google it –  Manoj Sharma Apr 2 at 9:28

This could be refined further to the following:

var originalEntity = context.MyEntities.AsNoTracking()
         .FirstOrDefault(me => me.MyEntityID == myEntity.MyEntityID);

The Where in the above, good, response is not needed.

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