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I wish to view my column time as 'hh24:mi:ss' but even i insert it as to_date('13:00:00','hh24:mi:ss'). It still displays as date format. I have tried different methods to convert and i don't wish to alter the session.

Here's my table created:

    Name VARCHAR2(20),
    Description Varchar2(20),
    StudyTime Date,
    SleepTime Date,


VALUES('JUDY','STUDYING AT ABC', (To_Date('01:00:00', 'HH24:MI:SS')), 
            (TO_DATE('06:35:00', 'HH:MI:SS')));

Display results:

Judy,Studying at abc,11-Nov-2011,11-Nov-2011

Thanks for anyone help!

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Your IDE or SQL*Plus settings are displaying the default date format of DD-Mon-YYYY. Even though you are entering just a time format, oracle will still see it as a full date and time, hence the 11-Nov-2011 date (you need to be aware of this!).

When you then select all columns whichever interface you are using to display the results will show you the character representation of the date columns, if you have not specified what that is it will use the default NLS format settings. See:

Either change the NLS date format settings or specify using TO_CHAR what format you want the results.


SELECT name,
       TO_CHAR(studytime, 'HH24:MI:SS') as studytime,
       TO_CHAR(sleeptime, 'HH:MI:SS') as sleeptime
  FROM test;

N.B. I used HH24 for studytime and HH for sleeptime as you have done in your example when entering your values.

This should disply it in the correct format.

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I wish to select * from test instead without writing all columns out. Is it possible? I know that by select them in to_char format will work. – JLearner Nov 15 '11 at 9:24
Yes, you'll need to change the NLS settings in your IDE for the date columns to display the time portion of the DATE column. – Ollie Nov 15 '11 at 9:30
Ok. By altering the nls date_time format, rest of the date that i wish to format in 'dd:mon:yyyy' will turn into 'hh24:mi:ss'. Is there any other solutions? – JLearner Nov 15 '11 at 9:31
Not knowing anything about your system/application, it makes it hard to specify any non-generic solutions. If this time display is a one-off then you could create a view on the table, specify the TO_CHAR format in the view and display the date columns as VARCHAR2 in the correct format. – Ollie Nov 15 '11 at 9:42
Ok understood. Thank you very much for your help! – JLearner Nov 15 '11 at 9:48

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