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Repeater with dynamic columns.

I have to show columns based of settings. Sometimes I want to show Name, Age, Sex, Salary. So the stored procedure will return

Name  Age  Sex  Salary
 Rauf  23   M     10
 Amal  25   M     10

Sometimes I need to show Name and Salary only. So the data will be

Name  Salary
 Rauf  10
 Amal  10

How can I design a Repeater control to show this type of tables having dynamic columns ?

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don't ask the same question again. You already received an answer.. –  Tjassens Nov 15 '11 at 10:05

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Unless perfomance i really crucial, I would take the easy way and use fixed columns (all of them) and just set visible=false in case you do not need them.

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