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I have application on my localhost in https. But the certification on localhost is broken.

Below, response header. Problem: MyCookie is not created:

MyCookie=MyValue;Path=/;Domain=localhost;Secure; HttpOnly

But for this header. The cookie is created:

MyCookie=MyValue;Path=/;Secure; HttpOnly

Is there any Chrome politics which disallow create cookie for broken https page which set domain in the header?

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Explicit setting domain cookie on localhost doesn't work for chrome.

From this:

You can only set domain cookies for registry controlled domains, i.e. something ending in .com or so, but not IPs or intranet hostnames like localhost

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You are right about chrome not allowing servers to set domain cookies for intranet hostnames like localhost but I was able to set domain cookies using my local IP address (eg: –  burnt1ce Nov 19 '13 at 20:06

Try to set

cookie_domain = ""

By this the cookie can be created and will work.

I've tried it and it was working fine.

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I guess the easiest workaround for this is to add an entry to the hosts file, like


and then calling http://localhost.com/ instead of just localhost.

but having said that, this restriction is ridiculous IMO.

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