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Get selected element's outer HTML

I want to alert the html of class/id with its children AND itselfs element like this:

<div id="selectme">somechildren...</div>

I want the exact same alert as the HTML code above by selecting the "selectme" ID.. whats the function(s) for this?

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If the element in question has siblings, you can clone the selected element, wrap a parent element around it (in this case I've used a div), select that new parent element, and get the html of that:

var html = $("#selectme").clone().wrap("<div>").parent().html();

Here's a working example.

If the element doesn't have any siblings, you can just do:

var html = $("#selectme").parent().html();
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thx thats it.. i will accept it. i tought maybe theres a function for it. but its a nice trick :) –  ggzone Nov 15 '11 at 9:59
something like outerHtml is not supported by JavaScript engines –  Abdul Munim Nov 15 '11 at 10:10

Try this:

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Something like this:


although your question is pretty blurry...

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