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I'm trying to load 'nested' data in a hasMany relation in ExtJS4. My model looks like this:

    extend: "Ext.data.Model",
    fields: ['id','title','urlkey','text','picture','keywords', 'searchterms','description','critriamodus'],
    hasMany: {model: 'EntrypageCriterium',name:'brands'},
    proxy: {
        type: 'ajax',
        url:  '/Admin/extjson/entrypages',
        reader: {type:'json', root:'entrypages'}

And EntrypageCriterium:

    extend: "Ext.data.Model",
    fields: ['id','type','title']

I load my data like so:


It loads fine. Json returns this:

    "success": true,        
    "title":"Nikon Coolpix",
    "text":"Some blahblah about Nikon",
    "description":"Nikon Coolpix camera's",
    "picture":"Nikon Coolpix camera's",
    "searchterms":"nikon coolpix",

But when I try record.brands() or anything like that. It says no such method exists. I think something is going wrong in mapping the data in the model.

Any helpy would be very much appreciated!

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Finally found the problem. For any future reference:

If you're using packages in the new MVC structure of ExtJS, define the full path to the linked class in your association like so:

hasMany: {model: 'Entrypage.model.EntrypageCriterium', name: 'brands', associationKey:'brands'}
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Thank you. I have figured out the same situation myself but it was hard to do. –  o_nix Jun 6 '12 at 14:47
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You need to set the associationKey property in the hasMany association, so it knows which json property to use.

hasMany: {model: 'EntrypageCriterium',name:'brands', associationKey:'brands'}

see the Loading Nested Data section here:


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Sorry, didn't work. But wouldn't that make the brands method work, but return an empty list? –  Bart Vangeneugden Nov 16 '11 at 12:33
I forgot the namespace on your model. Your foreignKey will also be wrong now, but you don't need to use it in this case. –  Neil McGuigan Nov 16 '11 at 17:16
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