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An existing system that was based on VBA was installed on a machine that has Office 2007 and it didn't work, the issues I faced are :

  1. A PowerPoint Add-in (.PPA) is no longer able to create the custom buttons in the shortcut menu, did Office 2007 change the commandbar names ?

  2. The MSI (written in Wix) didn't install the files in XLStart folder as it was doing so in Office 2003, did Office 2007 use a new name for XLStart or another mechanism ?

Any advice on how to troubleshoot the issues above is highly appreciated

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For issue one, I think you are going to be stuck modifying the add-in to cooperate with the ribbon.

For issue two, I suspect that the start up location was hard coded. If that is the case, try writing to Excel.Application.StartupPath (You will need to set a reference to Excel if you are doing this from PowerPoint.)

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Have you ensured that you are using a trusted location or a certified project?

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On point 1:

We understand that the intention is for you to customize the right-click menus with custom actions to navigate through the application and perform various tasks, however, right-click menu creation and functionality is not a feature in Power Point 2007. There is currently no upgrade path for previous Power Point solutions that have customized right click menu functionality. All previous Power Point solutions using this functionality will need to implement the Ribbon into their solution to drive user choices.

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Yes: Explain the problems in more detail. "It didn't work completely" gives me absolutely nothing to go on. Post the subroutine or chunk of code that's giving you issues, along with expected and actual behavior. Then, I can begin to help.

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