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I use

<zipfileset ..><excludesfile name="D:\SW\abc.h"/>..</zipfileset>

to exclude this file while zipping

Problem is if this file does not exist, ANT throws error.

is there any ignore settings?

i have many <excludesfile> tag



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The excludesfile element or attribute is intended to specify the name of a file, each line of which is taken to be an exclude pattern. See the documentation for PatternSet.

I think you are incorrectly using the attribute to specify the names of files you want to exclude literally, rather than in the named excludes file itself.

One solution would be to list all the files you require to be excluded from your zip in a file (each on a new line) and give the name of this file in the excludesfile attribute or element of your zipfileset.

Alternatively, you could use a comma or space separated list of the files in the excludes attribute. Or you could replace your multiple excludesfile elements with multiple exclude elements.

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