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I would like to override viewDidAppear: method in category to get in console current view controller.

#import "UIViewController+Additions.h"

@implementation UIViewController (UIViewControllerAdditions)

#ifdef DEBUG
- (void)viewDidAppear:(BOOL)animated {
    NSLog(@"|||| CONTROLLER: %@", [self class]);


I noticed that it works perfectly on iOS5 and called exactly after viewDidAppear: of any viewcontroller object, but on iOS4.2 viewDidAppear: method in viewcontrollers doesn't invoked. Only this method in category called.

According UIViewController.h comment the method viewDidAppear: does nothing by default, that's why I had decided to use it. But I don't know where's the problem on iOS4.x.

Can you help me with that please? Or may be you use some other solution for the same action?

Thanks in advance

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