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I got the Date value from the method from the following code

  DATE dDate;
  hr = pADsUser->get_PasswordLastChanged(&dDate);
  //   pADsUser is pointer variable of   IADsUser

Date type is discribed in the link

How can I convert this kind of Date to string so that I can print it in console.

I am not using MFC Dlls for this application. so I cannot use the COleDateTime type also.

Is there any built in method available or Do I need to calculate the date manually?

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Look into Boost.Lexical_cast for conversion to and from string.

You will have to write a converter function that unpacks the DATE type into a (date, time) tuple so that lexical_cast won't convert from double.

According to the doc, it looks like the date type is (day - 1899-12-30) . (time - 0).

Using boost::date_time, you can create a time object with date-time (1899-12-30,0), then increment days(abs(DATE)) and hours((DATE - abs(DATE)) * 24).

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Thanks for your Reply. The main challenge part is to find Date value like (11 01 1985) from the Date type specified. How can I change to the date format like( 11 01 1985). – Prabhu Nov 15 '11 at 11:04
Answer edited to include how to use Boost.Date_Time in order to make use of the DATE type. – moshbear Nov 15 '11 at 19:07
@Prabhu You can use gmtime_r strftime, but be warned that time_t is seconds from 1970-Jan-01 00:00:00 UTC+0000, not days from 1899-12-30. It's also prone to Y2038 on some 32-bit systems. Your best bet is to use an existing date library to convert day offset to a date structure, then print fields of said structure. – moshbear Jan 3 '12 at 9:37
TCHAR *strDate = new TCHAR[12];
tm * ptm = gmtime ( &ttAppClosing );
int day = ptm->tm_mday;
int month = ptm->tm_mon+1;
int year = ptm->tm_year;

CString sDay = L"";
sDay.Format(L"%d", day);
if(day < 9)
    sDay.Format(L"0%d", day);

CString sMonth = L"";
sMonth.Format(L"%d", month);
if(month < 9)
    sMonth.Format(L"0%d", month);

_stprintf(strDate, L"%s-%s-%d", sDay, sMonth, 1900 + year);

CString sCloseDate(strDate);
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That's very welcome to add a minor explanation on what's being done. – Rubens Jan 22 '13 at 13:21

Why not use the underlying API then? Linking with Boost can be costly if you're counting bytes :P

CComBSTR bstr;
VarBstrFromDate(d, lcid, dwFlags, &bstr);
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The OP explicitly told us I am not using MFC Dlls for this application. so I cannot use the COleDateTime type also. -> hence this answer seems to be missing a point. – Till Nov 17 '11 at 15:01

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