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for a little app, I'm opening a few windows/tabs from my script. Whether the browser opens a window or a tab is of course not in my hand.

However, I hold the references to the newly created window objects and I do change their content "remotely" from another window. This all happens under the same document.domain so no xss problem.

The problem is, I cannot reliably focus those created windows/tabs. Since I'm writing a very specific app for a customer, I'm only targeting Firefox as browser. One option I have is of course just to do a remoteWindow.alert('foobar'); to get bring that window/tab up front, but that is pretty ugly isn't it.

I found this answer How to focus window/tab like alert()?

and it's said there, that Firefox has an option to allow script focus. So finally my question is, what is that option ? I searched the about:config for "tabs" and "focus" but didn't find anything related.

How to configure ?

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If the browser disables focus I can't see any way around, except closing the window and reopening it, maybe preserving the user data if any is present. – Shadow Wizard Nov 17 '11 at 14:08
I think you are trying to break the limits the browsers put to the freedom of a page. If there is a solution, it is indeed not on by default. – Dykam Nov 17 '11 at 14:47
I'm pretty sure its not default (as a frontend developer, I hope so!) but I'd like to know if there is any option in Firefox, that overwrites the default behavior by allowing a script to change focused window/tab. – jAndy Nov 17 '11 at 14:54
Opening new browser windows/tabs is problematic. Have you considered jqueryui dialogs instead of opening a new window? – Ender Nov 22 '11 at 7:45
It looks like the best way to do that (provided you can tell your users to enable/install/do stuff you want) is to create small firefox/chrome extension that would expose tab focusing function to javascript for your website. – WTK Nov 23 '11 at 10:16

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The only solution I see, is to force the popup in a new window, since there doesn't seem to be a way to focus another tab. This solution also requires you to change the default Javascript security settings in Tools > Options > Content tab and click on the Advanced button next to Enable Javascript checkbox and check the middle box to allow focusing windows.

To force the use of a window rather than a tab, use win ="", "test" ,"modal=yes"); and then call win.focus(); whenever you feel like it.

EDIT: Actually forgot to mention the fact that this is FF only.

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Which browser enables you to set those options? – WTK Nov 23 '11 at 9:36
@WTK: Firefox does. However, Vahur: I tried but it does not work for tabs at least. When that option is set and you call window.focus() within some tab, its not getting the browser focus. – jAndy Nov 23 '11 at 9:52
@jAndy I stressed in the answer that it's impossible with tabs in Javascript. Either force the popup as a new window or write a plugin that enables tab focusing. – zatatatata Nov 23 '11 at 10:07
@jAndy - thanks, found it. – WTK Nov 23 '11 at 10:08

The following appears to work in IE8 and FF13:

<script type="text/javascript">
// Stupid script to force focus to an existing tab when the link is clicked.
// And yes, we do need to open it twice.
function openHelp(a) {
    var tab =,;
    tab =,;
    return false;
<a href="help.html" target="help" onclick="return openHelp(this);">Help</a>
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See Mozilla's documentation:

  var wm = Components.classes[";1"]
  var browserEnumerator = wm.getEnumerator("navigator:browser");

  // Check each browser instance

  while (browserEnumerator.hasMoreElements()) {
    var browserWin = browserEnumerator.getNext();
    var tabbrowser = browserWin.gBrowser;

    // Check each tab of this browser instance
    var numTabs = tabbrowser.browsers.length;
    for (var index = 0; index < numTabs; index++) {
      var currentBrowser = tabbrowser.getBrowserAtIndex(index);
      if (/*some logic*/) {

        // For an example
        tabbrowser.selectedTab = tabbrowser.tabContainer.childNodes[index];

        // Focus *this* browser-window

Here is an easier event-driven approach -

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Thanks for the response, but I'm not writting a browser plugin. I was asking for a vanilla js solution within Firefox. More precisely for the option which allows the vanilla js to work. – jAndy Nov 15 '11 at 12:41

Have you tried window.focus()?

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of course yes. Seems not to work for tabs. – jAndy Nov 18 '11 at 10:19
Hmmm, the only way I can think of solving this would be to open each page in a seperate window. That would require you to set an option in Firefox to open each link and popup in a new window. – pradeek Nov 18 '11 at 10:52

There's no real way to do this for the simple reason that if websites had this ability, they'd end up using it to automatically focus ads or whatnot.

It can be done, but only in Firefox IF the user has it enabled, which he most likely won't.

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How do you propose to do that in Firefox? – WTK Nov 22 '11 at 6:56
@WTK: good question. skimberk1: if you just describe how it is possible in firefox, you got the bounty. As I said, that wepapp is not for public audiance. – jAndy Nov 22 '11 at 9:11

To answer your question: I've found, which says the setting you're looking for is called "allow raise and lower windows".

Another setting would be about:config/dom.disable_window_flip (to false), found here.

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thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, the about:config setting is just reflecting the first option you mentioned (setable in the extended javascript options). Even more unfortunate, it will have no effect on browser tabs. I guess its just not possible. – jAndy Nov 24 '11 at 0:35

Have you tried in menu Tools -> Options… -> Content tab -> Advanced button next to "Enable JavaScript", to check the box named "Raise or Lower Windows" ?

An example on how to set the focus can be found here.

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It is dirty and ugly, so it is only plus information: if you call an alert() in any of the open tabs/windows, that tab will gain focus.

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The solution I'm using has this as a fallback: if(targetWindow.focus) targetWindow.focus(); setTimeout(function(){ if(!targetWindow.document.hasFocus()) targetWindow.alert('you rang...'); },500); – Jon Hulka Feb 3 at 16:27

Opening new browser windows/tabs is problematic. Have you considered jqueryui dialogs instead of opening a new window?

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The simple answer is: you can't. Browsers doesn't expose that kind of API to javascript.

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browser also don't allow for cross-domain scripting/accessing. Nontheless there is a firefox about:config setting where you can overwrite that restriction. Chrome does have a commandline argument for that, so it's not that absurd to expect to have a config for that also. – jAndy Nov 18 '11 at 10:24
Chrome does have a commandline argument for what? For cross-domain scripting, maybe so. But you've checked firefox config already - without results concerning tab focus. I've also done some research in that area - without positive results. When I answered with simple "you can't" I was refering directly to focusing tab/window. That was your question. That doesn't change the fact, that there are other options that are not enabled/allowed by default, available for manual change using about:config. – WTK Nov 18 '11 at 10:33

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