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Some users are getting an error message when trying to attach a file to a case but it's not very helpful. It just says SQL Server Error. A SQL Server error occurred.

Is there a recommended place to go to find more information on why an error happened? The user has a "Download Log File" button their screenshot of the error but it is greyed out. I assume someone with higher permissions would be able to download this log file?

I have read about Stunnware as a good tool for reading logs? Is this the best one to use?

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Is your question about best practice for reading logs or for a possible solution of your problem? –  ccellar Nov 15 '11 at 15:33

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Not to revive a dead post, but to provide an alternative approach that doesnt require a SQL Trace.

CRM has a "Trace Logging" feature you can enable for on-premises servers. Details on how to setup tracing are here. If you set it up once, with all default settings only, you will get a log entry for generic sql error that includes the actual message SQL Server threw. Its not as detailed as a trace (you cant look at the query that is executing) but it gets you the more specific error message. We have trace logging enabled for all our crm development machines and it can speed up this kind of debugging nicely.

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More than likely, the CRM log will just have the same error like "Generic SQL Error" or "SQL Server error." We have had success starting a trace on the SQL Server and then execute the action that is causing the error. The trace will usually give you much more information about the actual error.

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