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I can get names from field "text" of table "photo" but I cant use those names to get uids.

How can I get uids of tagged people in photo??

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all you have to do is query the graph api like this :{photo_id}

and you will recieve the data you need...

"id": "{photo_id}", 
"from": {
   "name": "{user_that_uploaded_the_photo}", 
   "id": "123"
"tags": {
"data": [
    "id": "123", 
    "name": "Lior", 
    "x": 48.5099, 
    "y": 37.5276, 
    "created_time": "2011-10-11T05:50:35+0000"
    "id": "456", 
    "name": "Shlain", 
    "x": 19.0397, 
    "y": 35.3201, 
    "created_time": "2011-10-11T05:50:40+0000"
    "id": "789", 
    "name": "Abigail", 
    "x": 76.8212, 
    "y": 47.4614, 
    "created_time": "2011-10-11T05:50:32+0000"

You can use the graph api explorer to experiment with these methods...
good luck!

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I think so. just found out 3 min after your post >< – user1047504 Nov 15 '11 at 12:24
better late than never =] However i dont see a way to do this using only fql... – Lix Nov 15 '11 at 12:26

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