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I am using OpenLayers to create a box of interest with my program. I am using this code:

var control = new OpenLayers.Control();
OpenLayers.Util.extend(control, {
    draw: function () { = new OpenLayers.Handler.Box( control,
            {"done": this.notice},
            {keyMask: OpenLayers.Handler.MOD_SHIFT});;
    notice: function (bounds) {

to capture the "Shift Create a Box" control and use the area selected as my area of interest. However the values come back as pixels. But I want Longitude and Latitude, not pixels. The Mouse Position control does show the correct long & lat. I really don't care how to box is created, I just want an easy way for the user to select a area of the map and I need to get the lat & longs of the area. (Box, Circle, doesn't matter)

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Check out:

It has a checkbox to set "Enable tile selection" set it.

Now when you drag a box on the map, it will select the underlying objects.

You can reuse the sourcecode. All the magic is in:

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Very late reply but my help others in the future!

I managed to get the decimal degrees from the pixels by doing the following:

var point1 = new OpenLayers.Pixel(bounds.left, bounds.bottom);
var point2 = new OpenLayers.Pixel(bounds.right,;

var ll1 = map.getLonLatFromPixel(point1);
var ll2 = map.getLonLatFromPixel(point2);

drop that in your notice function and you'll have the lat/long pairs in ll1 & ll2!

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